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  • A major worry for potential bankruptcy clients who own their home is whether it could be lost in a bankruptcy filing. It is important to realize that losing a home or other significant property in Wisconsin is rare due to its debtor-friendly bankruptcy laws, but the equity in your house (total value subtracted by total […]

  • I recommend that clients avoid looking at their credit reports for accuracy during a bankruptcy, as credit reporting will be inaccurate during a time of bankruptcy and the reports fall a month or two behind in reporting credit changes accurately. However, many clients notice incorrect reporting on their credit reports before and after a bankruptcy. […]

  • Before you decide how best to resolve your debts and get a fresh financial start, you should be familiar with the basic rules under which debt collectors operate. The rules for debt collection are generally outlined in the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and similar state collection laws (such as the Wisconsin Consumer Act). […]

  • I care about my clients and their financial situations. I make it a practice to respond to clients in a timely manner: in person, on the phone or by email or text. I give clients financial options and alternatives whenever available. Bankruptcy rules about income, assets, debts and collections are set by law. Missing information […]

  • If you file decide to file a bankruptcy, approximately four to six weeks after filing a bankruptcy, you will have to appear at what is called a “341 hearing.” This is essentially a meeting between a local trustee, your attorney and yourself at a local office building (in Madison) or courthouse. This meeting is very […]

  • Have you had a car collision? Do you have driving tickets or fines that are threatening your driver’s license? If you have been threatened with license suspension or your license has already been suspended, Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcies can help eliminate the debt that is hindering your license and help you to get your […]

  • What happens when you’ve received your paycheck, but it’s much smaller than you expected because a creditor has taken part of your wages? Garnishments and wage levies are an emergency situation for many people, and often make it difficult for people to keep their lights on and rent paid. Wisconsin law allows up to 25% […]

  • Are hardship withdrawals from IRAs or retirement plans “income” for purposes of a bankruptcy statement of income (or means test)? No, such withdrawals made in the past 6 months do not generally count toward your income for that period. However, during the course of the bankruptcy, you may have to provide your Bankruptcy Trustee with […]

  • Are you in need of a review of a variety of debt resolution options? Would you like to clear up your finances before the new school year? Please call 608-620-5338 to review your options and take care of your debt once and for all! There are many options, including debt resolution through monthly payments, debt […]

  • What if you need to file bankruptcy but you do not currently have enough funds to pay an attorney or Court filing fees? Badger Bankruptcy LLC takes monthly payments in whatever amount you can afford. You pick your own monthly payment. Fees can also be paid through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan. In some cases, […]

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