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  • Are you in need of a review of a variety of debt resolution options? Would you like to clear up your finances before the new school year? Please call 608-620-5338 to review your options and take care of your debt once and for all! There are many options, including debt resolution through monthly payments, debt […]

  • What can bankruptcy accomplish for a person who is in debt in Wisconsin? It is always best to pay your legally incurred debt. However, if creditors will not work with you, if they harass you with telephone calls, letters and legal actions, you have a right to examine your options, including bankruptcy. If you have […]

  • Of course. Attorney Morrison provides a complete financial evaluation to get you back on the right financial road. When you come in to her office, she will look at all of your assets and all of your debts, and review all of your options for debt resolution, including but not limited to: Lawsuit defense to avoid judgments; […]

  • Yes! Not having a lot of money saved up should never be a barrier to filing for debt relief. Badger Bankruptcy LLC accepts payment plans for attorney’s fees and court filing fees. For a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, clients can make payments an affordable amount (of each client’s choosing) over a number of months before filing. For a Chapter […]

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